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Hello future Los Cabos Artists!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an endorsed artist of Los Cabos Drumsticks. We currently endorse some pretty incredible drummers from just about every corner of the world, and we are always looking for new talent to join our #LCDArtistFam! 


We receive inquiries for artist endorsements all the time. In a world where more and more artists are seeking affiliation with product manufacturers as an important stepping stone in their musical careers, we understand and appreciate the importance of establishing these types of relationships and review each and every artist application we receive. Before we walk you through the endorsement process, we feel it is important to first explain a bit about what endorsements are all about.

Mutual Understanding!

First of all, the most important aspect of our endorsement program is the understanding that by entering into an endorsement relationship with Los Cabos Drumsticks, you first understand and appreciate what it means to endorse a brand (and be endorsed by the company in return). It is very important to us that you are already a player of our products and choose our sticks over and above all other manufacturers out there. In short, if you’re seeking an endorsement with us, your current support of the brand must already be evident.

Not just about getting a deal!

From a business side of things, a manufacturer endorses an artist because they feel that artist will help influence other musicians to try their brand. In return for the exposure the artist can offer, the manufacturer will support the artist through special discounts and in our case, exposure opportunities through advertising, website features and social media. It is extremely important to realize that endorsement deals are a two-way street and not simply about getting discounted product. We work closely with many of our artists to lend them support and to help build the Los Cabos Drumsticks brand in their area.

On a personal note, we are looking to work with like-minded musicians who have established themselves in the industry and are working hard towards sustaining a career in the music business. We are seeking allies and ambassadors for our sticks. Our artist family is a very important part of what we do.

Let’s Begin shall we!

To begin the endorsement application process, artists must first fill out the Endorsement application found below. Completing this form as completely and accurately as possible is one of the keys to a successful applicant. It is better to put too much information than not enough! Applications received from artists in Canada and the United States are processed in-house; while applications received from international locations become the responsibility of our distributor in that country. As such, the waiting time for a response to any application may vary. If you would like to confirm that your application has been received, or follow up on an application which has already been submitted, please email:

Here are some of the things we consider when reviewing artist applications:

  • Activity and following on various social media platforms.
  • Professional approach to image and career.
  • Willingness and ability to help grow the brand in their particular area.
  • High level of exposure through touring and performing.
  • Good communication skills.

A well-written and fully completed Endorsement application form.

Thank You!

Application Successfully Submitted! please be patient with the process.