Made In Canada, Played Internationally

OUR story

#1 Canadian Made Drumsticks

Turned In New Brunswick, Canada

Los Cabos Drumsticks factory is located in Hanwell; a suburb of the capital city of Fredericton, in New Brunswick

2005 marked the official launch of Los Cabos Drumsticks.  We then designed a complete line of sticks. 

But what’s with the name???

We did not start out as Los Cabos Drumsticks

In the beginning.....

Family Owned and Operated for many years, Larry and Gillian Guay operated a wood turning business; turning legs for tables and chairs. Then, by chance, a one-time contract opened their eyes to the world that is the music industry

Changes in the wood turning market led us in search of a new product with a new direction.

We turned out our first few models and started visiting local music stores.

The initial response proved positive.

Our name

and what makes


What Does Los Cabos Mean​?​

Los Cabos Drumsticks takes its name from a Spanish term meaning, The Cape.

The name combines our identity as a coastal province with a rhythmical feel.

What Makes Us Unique?

We offer a complete stick line in three different types of wood: Maple, White & Red Hickory.

We are the only stick manufacturer using Red Hickory to produce a complete stick line.


Heart Of The Matter​

All about the Wood

Precision Craftsmanship

High Quality Wood

Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible. We manufacture many different models of sticks using Canadian Maple and American White and Red Hickory.

Individually Inspected By Hand

Every dowel is hand inspected to ensure that the grain is straight and free from any defects; only then does it go to our lathes to be turned into a Los Cabos Drumstick.

Weight Matched & Pitched Paired!

Canadian Quality

Long Lasting Durability

All of our sticks are pitch paired and packaged by hand to ensure our customers always receive quality, matched sticks.