Sean Lang – Seven Year Storm – Dyatlov

Sean Lang – Seven Year Storm – Dyatlov

MAPEX DRUMS – LOS CABOS STICKS – AXIS PEDALS This is the official video for the first single “Dyatlov” off of the EP “Aion I.” Pre-order it at This album would not have been possible without my many incredible crowdfunding supporters, so THANK YOU!!!!!

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The Story so Far …

Los Cabos Drumsticks are a Canadian company located in the province of New Brunswick on the country’s east coast. With it’s distinct coastline full of capes and inlets stretching from Quebec’s Gaspé peninsula to the northern tip of the state of Maine, founders Larry and Gillian Guay chose the name Los Cabos (the cape) as a way to reflect both the unique qualities of their home province and the wide world of music to which their products appeal.